Washed Away

by Jason Liesch

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Produced by Jason Liesch.


released 17 February 2015

All music written and recorded by Jason Liesch. Mixed by Kevin Kowal at Fader Mountain Studios. Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering.



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Jason Liesch Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Washed Away
Every other time I get back to you it’s no use, the feelings that I use over act and end up being hesitated.

So you spend your time with a boy but you’re frustrated so he should begin with the cost of feeling washed away.

Seeing you alone with him on your mind makes me wonder how’d we ever end up running out of time.

You keep on telling me. You keep on yelling until I see but I’m not sure of the reason and know I’m finding that all you ever wanting was empathy and a reason just to leave him.
Well someone said that they saw you walking home full of regret for the choices that you made and just keep on walking then what you feel will be washed away.

Now the only other way I’d get back to you is if you left him, broke up and then deleted the number too but you won’t.

Out of the heart and into the rain then washed away.
Out of the car and into the train, I watched you wave.
Track Name: It's Why We're Here
Why don’t you take me home tonight? I would jump right out into your mind because I would like to be with you...
And if you lead me to your door I’ll never want to let you down but before you make up your mind…

Wait in the moment. Stay calm and watch this loaded feeling take over. It’s the only reason why we’re here.

So, you flat out figured it out like it’s ever about anything else. Oh, all the games played in denial.
You’ve been described as mild at heart. Uncharted and somewhat dark or like a fortune that’s never been told.

Wait in the moment. Stay calm and watch this loaded feeling take over. It’s the only reason why we’re here.
I didn’t notice when you were saying something about your day but I had to have you just as soon as we both stepped into your door.

Why don’t you take me home tonight because I would like to be with you.
Track Name: All the Other Girls
All the other girls slowly went away when you came into my unsuspecting life from the corner of my eye.
So long all the other girls. We couldn’t hold on now I’ve found the only one.

And all we wanted was our time even though it wouldn’t last.

All the other worlds tried to build themselves all around my original plans that I never knew I had.
Then I met you and your world made everything make sense even why I had to wait.

I felt the breeze and I knew I’d never find anyone like you if I never left all of these other girls.
Track Name: In Between
How do we get there from here? A little waiting time is all we need to read between the lines… and it’s only when we fall out I realize.
I know I could change your mind but I’d never change the way you look when you’re feeling down inside.
See, I would make you laugh but you got a perfect face for being sad.

As soon as I capture your ear I ask, “How do we make up the year that passed?”

I’m lying that I don’t care about a single thing when it comes to everything about you and in between.

Making your way back home with a little thought of everyone to lay you down in your sleep… picking up where you left your last thought of me.
Track Name: Too Extreme
Yes, I want it to be now. All I have to do is make them understand and I’ll never bring it up again because it seems that it’s everything I do.
Baby, I’m lost with a person in the same room… and I don’t blame you.

I’m blaming the city I’m in because without it I just might begin to start doing the things I believe… hope it’s not too extreme.
It’s just something to do with the air; it’s like no one here breathes it they just kind of stare. I could tell them that they could all leave but then that would be too extreme.

Did I tell you I get half of all I sell but no one’s buying anything I tell them and there’s something else I had to say as it deals with the subject of our secret.
I should have called you when I had you on my mind… as well as all the others.
Track Name: In Dreams
I’m finding faces in the curling folds of my curtains waiting for the sun to leave them all alone.
Sleepless in the morning light then starting over a dream just to find you once again but you’re not the same as you were in the one before.
It seems that an imposter came and replaced you while I awoke.

I feel the story will end with subtle tones that I never felt so big before or… I’ll be fooled again but so far it’s been given a chance now I know what to do.
I know it never lasts as it splits me into two.
I swore I’d never go back but I guess I always do.

Your eyes have a synergy. Your hands move where I can’t see.
If I think about it the memory is darker now than it used to be.
It seemed that we were golden only the fake veneer couldn’t hold on.
I awoke and my energy was lost or stolen, laying empty inside.
Track Name: Stuff of the Universe
In a million miles you will have traveled to the face that turns you away. Now, you’re needing a short cut home.
I believe I’ve earned enough of everything to just feel nothing more than to never be alone.

In a meteor shower I felt cold as ice when I finally saw her but don’t deny it. Don’t back down and never keep a secret eye on…

What could have been and build regret for the hours that you could be spending with that same girl and the million miles of light that took to make her.

Right through my telescope I just gave in as I couldn’t cope with the vision that brought her into my mind.
Without formality I saw a whisper in her quiet eyes as it told me,
“I’ll be with you some day.”

We’re all made of stuff of the universe but she has got a little more than all of us.
Track Name: No Matter What
No matter what they say. No matter what they do I’ll be waiting around for you... feeling the way I do.
Sometimes it’s on my mind. Sometimes it’s a fleeting feeling but we’ll leave in the evening or afternoon. A decision we can’t undo.

There’s no way that sweet summer rain will ever dampen plans that we made, girl.
Someday we’ll live in a house where we can see the whole horizon from.

I’ll set you free and be sure that he never finds out how or with who, running away into… a new life on the run.
And I know I was a frequent passer buyer. Well you’re just a tortured seller.

There’s no way that sweet summer rain will ever dampen plans that we made, girl.
Someday we’ll live in a house where we can see the whole horizon from.
Vast will be the cloud for our thoughts but never think that we’ll never be lost because I’m planning to never be found once I take you away.
Track Name: Fire
I like you when we’re messing around, always afraid to start slowly figuring out.
You’re not like the rest. Things are never the same. We always get real hot because you don’t mind the flames.

Fire, baby when I look in your eyes.
Fire, baby and we don’t say a word. We let everything we brought here burn.
Fire, baby and we’re blazing a trail while we stare right into the night and when our roads become entwined we’ll watch the embers fly.

Sooner or later I’ll throw everything at you. Not to put you out but just to try to match you.
You seemed like the type that would put up a fight but when I finally asked you I knew we’d ignite.
Track Name: Life Line
As we make our way out of here again it seems so easy to make mistakes that get cut out of memories that we’ll share… sort of lying but unaware.
So you give the way I feel a pass again. There’s no way that anyone could come back that fast from feeling like that unless it is…

In this life line, I call to you. There’s a message coming back that’s true.
But don’t wait around for our lives to form to a straight line because they never do.

As you’re stepping back to eye me down again your silence asks me what you’ve done to deserve this. Maybe start to try to reverse it. You could give it all up now.
But if you make your way out of here again there’s no one who would ever try to confront you, try to lead you on or desert you. You’d have made it through.

In this life line you call to me. There’s a message coming back that’s free.
But don’t wait around for our lives to form to a straight line because they never do.